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Stricto Sensu - Presentation

These courses are aimed at scientific and academic training and are also linked to research. IFFluminense offers professional master's courses in different areas, in addition to a professional doctoral course in Modeling and Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources.


Stricto Sensu - Vocational Masters 

- Master's Degree in Systems Applied to Engineering and Management

Although the computational systems represent the integrating axis of the proposal (concentration area), the student does not necessarily have to act directly in the Computing area, since the lines have projects for both tickets with a profile of applied solution developers, and for those with profile of implementers of these solutions, both with critical views. The course identifies that the productive organizations have two aspects in which the professionals work internally: management and engineering (Course Page).

Concentration area: Computational Systems.
Research lines:

  • Systems Applied to Engineering;
  • Systems Applied to Management.

Target Audience:

  • Graduated graduates, mainly, but not exclusively, from Exact and Earth Sciences, Engineering and Applied Social Sciences;
  • Professionals working in organizations (public or private) that seek to improve their knowledge of computer systems.

- Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering

The Professional Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering has as main objective to incorporate and / or deepen the environmental dimension in the training of professionals in the technological area, in order to provide the development of alternatives that make regional development and environmental quality compatible, in compliance with governmental demands, of the initiative private and organized civil society (Course Page).

Concentration area: Regional Sustainability.
Research lines:

  • Environmental Assessment, Management and Conservation;
  • Development, Sustainability and Innovation.

Target Audience:
Graduates in Engineering, Technology Courses, Natural Sciences and related areas, preferably already in the market.


- Vocational Master's in Physics Teaching

 The National Professional Master's Degree in Physics Education aims to train teachers in the field of current teaching content and techniques for application in the classroom, with an emphasis on theoretical, methodological and epistemological aspects and in the development of methods, teaching materials and pedagogical practices. for teaching Physics (Course Page).

Areas of Concentration:

  • Physics in Basic Education;
  • Training of physics teachers at the master's level.

Research lines:

  • Physics in Elementary Education;
  • Physics in high school;
  • Teaching and Learning Processes and Information and Communication Technologies in Physics Teaching.

Target Audience:
Physics teachers working in Basic Education (Elementary and High School) and in Higher Education.


- Vocational Master in Teaching and its Technologies

 This course aims to provide training in teaching and its technologies to professionals working in the area of teaching, aiming at both the production and experimentation of technologies and the realization of studies that involve technological resources related to teacher training (Course Page).

Concentration area: Teaching.
Research lines:

  • Production and Experimentation of Technologies;
  • Teacher Training and Technological Resources.

Target Audience:
Graduation Course holders, obtained in courses recognized by a competent body of the Ministry of Education (MEC) who are interested in deepening their studies in the area of Education.


- Master's in Professioal and Technological Education

The Professional Master's Degree in Professional and Technological Education on a national network is part of the Post-Graduate Program in Professional and Technological Education (ProfEPT). The course aims to provide training in professional and technological education, aiming at both the production of knowledge and the development of products, by conducting research that integrates the knowledge inherent in the world of work and systematized knowledge (Course Page).

Concentration area: Professional and Technological Education (EFA).
Research lines:
Educational practices in EFA;

  • Management and Organization of the Pedagogical Space in EPT.

Target Audience:
Graduates of undergraduate courses recognized by the Ministry of Education, in any area, who have passed the National Examination can enroll in ProfEPT.


- Vocational Master's in Architecture and Urbanism and Technologies

he 21st century is marked by an increase in the world population and a consequent growth in urban settlements. This context of rapid changes, with expansion and densification of occupations in cities, has been accompanied by socio-environmental inequalities, decreased quality of life, problems with urban mobility, among others. Therefore, the role of architects and urban planners in the qualitative development of the built environment, in the production of a less unequal world and in the search for quality of life is undeniable (Course Page).

Concentration area: Technologies in Architecture and Urbanism.
Research lines:

  • Technology, Design and Analysis;
  • Technology, Management and Production.

Target Audience:
Holders of degrees in Architecture and Urbanism or in the fields of Applied Social Sciences, Engineering and Exact and Earth Sciences.


- Vocational Master's in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation

The Professional Master's Degree in Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation aims at improving professional training to act in the competencies of the Technological Innovation Centers and in the environments that promote innovation in the various sectors (Course Page).

Areas of Concentration: Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation.
Research lines:
Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer for Innovation in Technological Innovation Centers.
Target Audience:
Candidates with a college degree who work in the market and who want to deepen their knowledge and deal with innovations and records of their products and services



Stricto Sensu - Vocational Doctorate


- Vocational Doctoral Program in Modeling and Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources

The course aims to provide broad training to the student, combining theory and practice in the program's research lines, in order to increase the effectiveness of its performance in the environment area with an emphasis on water resources, with the understanding and incorporation of the related dimensions, such as: water quality and quantity; legal, institutional and environmental aspects; regulatory water availability, among others (Course Page).

Capes Area: Environmental Sciences.
Concentration area: Environment Modeling and Technology Applied to Water Resources.
Research lines:

  • Environment Modeling Applied to Water Resources;
  • Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources.

Target Audience:
Holders of a Master's degree, obtained in courses in Brazil recognized by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) or obtained abroad and recognized in Brazilian institutions suitable for this, who are interested in furthering their studies in Modeling and Technology Environment Applied to Water Resources.