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The Graduate Program in Modeling and Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources at the Instituto Federal Fluminense (IFF) began its activities in 2020 with the Doctoral Program in Sciences (DSc). The course was recognized by CAPES in 2019 in the Vocational modality, in the following research lines:

♣ Environment Modeling Applied to Water Resources
♣ Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources

The Vocational Doctoral Program in Modeling and Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources focuses on offering innovative contributions to demands that concern to aspects of water quality and quantity, a matter of global importance, contained in the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals of the UN <>.
In line with the program's research lines and combining theory with practice, the aim is to optimize the effectiveness of solutions in the environmental area with an emphasis on water resources, observing both the quality and quantity of water as well as the availability of water , as for the legal, environmental, social, cultural, technological, institutional, ethical and political aspects. Next, in Figure 1, the 17 SDGs are represented, with horizontal lines highlighting those linked to the AmbHidro Vocational Doctoral Program listed here in order of intensity: Drinking Water and Sanitation; Life in the Water; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Health and wellness; Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Zero Hunger and Sustainable Agriculture, Action against Global Climate Change, Life on Earth.

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Figure 1: The Millennium Sustainable Development Goals - Highlight for the SDGs directly linked to the AmbHidro Program.

The course aims to provide comprehensive training to the student, combining theory and practice in the program's research lines, in order to increase the effectiveness of its performance in the area of environment with an emphasis on water resources, with the understanding and incorporation of related dimensions, such as like:
♣ Water quality and quantity;
♣ Legal, institutional and environmental aspects;
♣ Regulatory water availability, among others.

Capes Area: Environmental Sciences

Concentration Area: Environment Modeling and Technology Applied to Water Resources

Line Research:
I - Modeling for the Environment Applied to Water Resources:
Validation of the results obtained in the modeling process using technologies already consolidated or that will be developed based on research applied in the Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources line.

II - Technology for the Environment Applied to Water Resources:
The use of the models, generated in the Modeling for Environment Line Applied to Water Resources, related to hydrographic basins, reservoirs, and others, require the information systems database, providing integration between the lines.

Target Audience:
Holders of a Master's degree obtained in courses in Brazil, and recognized by the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (Capes) or even obtained abroad and recognized in Brazilian institutions are able to do so, those who are interested in furthering their studies in Modeling and Technology for the Environment Environment Applied to Water Resources.

Graduate Profile:
- Doctors with a profile characterized by autonomy, the ability to generate and transfer technology and innovative knowledge for unprecedented solutions to highly complex problems in their field.
- Professionals with extensive quality technological training for the development and application of models and / or technologies to propose solutions that seek to remedy or mitigate environmental problems arising from the use of water resources, subsidizing the management process in environmental agencies, basin committees and water treatment units. conservation, or in technological performance in advising or consulting in public and / or private organizations.