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Permanent Faculty Members– PPGAU


Areas of interest

Aline Couto da Costa


Currículo Lattes

- Inclusion in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscaping;
- Architecture, City, Education and Culture;
- Accessibility and Mobility

Daniela Bogado Bastos de Oliveira


Currículo Lattes

- Gender, citizenship and urbanism;
- Urban and environmental legislation;
- Social and environmental function of the property;
- Right to the city.

Danielly Cozer Aliprandi


Currículo Lattes

- Urban landscape;
- Landscaping;
- Free space system;
- Landscape ecology;
- Urban form.

Júlio Cezar Pinheiro de Oliveira


Currículo Lattes

- State, urban policies and population;
- Socio-spatial segregation and public policies;
- Housing and social construction of housing;
- Environment, climate change and urbanism;
- Urban sociology and public policies;
- Royalties, impacts of the oil sector and city production.
- Civil society, State and urban policies.

Luciano Falcão da Silva


Currículo Lattes

- Architectural design;
- Digital technologies applied to architecture and urbanism;
- Applied data science and artificial intelligence;
- Smart cities;
- Construction information modeling (BIM);
- Modeling of city information (CIM).

Luís de Pinedo Quinto Júnior


Currículo Lattes

- Urban Planning-Participative Management;
- Master Plan;
- Urban Design and Design;
- Major infrastructure projects and urban impacts;
- Urban and Environmental Legislation.

Luis Felipe Umbelino dos Santos


Currículo Lattes

- Environmental planning and management of green areas
- Environmental planning and management of protected spaces

Margarida Maria Mussa Tavares


Currículo Lattes

- Collaborative urbanism - citizen participation in the production of urban space;
- Temporary interventions and Urban Kindness;
- Photography as an urban narrative

Regina Coeli Martins Paes Aquino


Currículo Lattes

- Materials and environment;
- Environmental psychology;
- Environment and sustainability.

Sérgio Rafael Cortes de Oliveira


Currículo Lattes

- New materials and new technologies in the area of architecture and urbanism;
- Transport systems and urban mobility;
- Relationship between form and structural function in the built environment.